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Keyboard Shortcuts Reference

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan PROe
This article contains a list of keyboard shortcuts for the administration console that are available to you.


/ Smart search
b Show the dashboard
o Show organizations
u Show users
d Show devices
t Show destinations
v Show servers
p Show store points
l Show licensing information
s Show settings
m Show my profile
q Quit and sign out of the application
? Show the Help menu

List view

Enter Display detail for the current item
x Select / check the current item
Down Arrow or j Move down one row
Up Arrow or k Move up one row
Page Down or j Move half way down the list
Page Up or K Move half way up the list
End or G Move to the end of the list
Home or g Move to the top of the list
X Select / check all the items in the list


. Show the context menu of the current screen
; Switch navigation between background and foreground lists
Esc Leave an edit field or close the current sheet
n Create a new user or device
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