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    CrashPlan For Home Version 3.8.2010

    Applies to:
    • CrashPlan for Home


    What's New in This Release

    CrashPlan is smarter about backing up, using less bandwidth and disk space. In other words, backups complete faster! Here's what changed:

    • Data de-duplication is even more efficient at finding data matches in your files, which means less data to back up!
    • CrashPlan's default backup file selection has been improved on Windows and Mac. If you're curious about exactly which file patterns are being excluded, click here.
    • The Windows installer is now code signed. This means no security warnings on Windows installations.
    • The Mac Uninstaller no longer runs in terminal. Now when you uninstall CrashPlan, the Uninstaller runs in an application window. Much better!

    Bug Fixes

    Some users, under certain conditions may have noticed issues that prevented CrashPlan from performing as expected. Thanks to our loyal customers who reported these problems, we made the following changes:

    Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris

    • Zip files created when using web restore now download consistently, so that you can retrieve your restored files.
    • Memory issue during the initial backup no longer causes initial backup to take a long time.
    • Nightly maintenance process automatically resumes should it get interrupted, allowing backup to complete in less time.
    • The value in the CPU Usage setting now displays properly when set to 0, so that you can see and adjust this setting as needed.
    • The synchronizing process (which ensures only changed files are backed up) runs faster.
    • CrashPlan now correctly interprets status of available destinations, allowing backup to proceed as scheduled.
    • Users will find it easier to establish and maintain connections when backing up to other computers.

    Linux Only

    • Improved scanning process now completes properly so that backups take place on time.
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