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SharePlan Version 4.1.3

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    SharePlan version 4.1.3 focuses on improved usability, performance, and flexibility. Updated components include: Enterprise server (in Managed Private Cloud environments} SharePlan apps SharePlan mobile apps


    Leaving A Plan

    Earlier versions of SharePlan allowed you to leave a plan from the SharePlan web app or from the SharePlan apps for Android, OS X, or Windows. Version 4.1.3 adds the ability to leave a plan using the Windows Explorer or Finder menu. Right-click (Windows) or control-click (OS X) the plan folder, then choose Leave Plan.Leave Plan

    Keep Files

    Also new in version 4.1.3, you can choose to keep plan files on your current device when you leave a plan from your Windows, OS X, or Android device. This option is only available when you voluntarily leave a plan. If a Plan Admin or a system administrator removes you from a plan, the files are deleted from all of your devices.

    View detailed information about leaving a plan.

    Leave plan message

    Upload A File From The Mobile Apps

    It's now easier to send files to your team from your phone or tablet in the following ways: 

    • SharePlan is now an option in the Android Share menu and the iOS Save menu.
    • The SharePlan mobile app now includes an option to take a photo or video or choose an existing file to upload. When you choose Take photo or video, the SharePlan mobile app opens your camera app.  Once you've captured your photo or video, the file automatically syncs with SharePlan.
    • You are also able to upload files to plans where sync preferences are set to Events Only.

    Upload file from SharePlan for Android       Upload from iOS

    Support For Apple Package Files

    The SharePlan app on OS X and iOS now support Apple package files such as Pages, Numbers, Keynote, or OmniGraffle. You can now download supported package files from within the SharePlan mobile app, or you can open these types of files on your iOS device using programs that support those file types. View supported packages.

    The SharePlan web app now supports the ability to download package files. When downloading a link to a package file, the package now appears as a file instead of a folder. For additional details, please see Syncing OS X and iOS Package Files.

    Package File

    Browse Events Only Plans (OS X And Windows)

    If you have plans configured to sync Events Only, you can now easily browse the files that are in the plan, without downloading them to your device. There is now a button in the SharePlan apps for OS X and Windows to View Files on the Web. This opens the SharePlan web app, where you can browse all the files in the plan.

    Events Only plan in SharePlan version 4.1.3


    New Welcome Experience For OS X Users

    After the SharePlan app is successfully installed on OS X devices, a welcome message is now displayed. This provides a friendlier first-use story for people who are new to SharePlan, orienting them to the application so they can begin using SharePlan right away.

    Welcome screen on OS X

    Support For Hybrid Cloud Deployments

    Version 4.1.3 now supports SharePlan deployments in hybrid cloud configurations. This feature is available to SharePlan customers in environments with Code42 managed appliances on-premises, with storage in the Code42 secure public cloud.

    Upgrade Devices Without Upgrading Enterprise Servers

    Administrators can now upgrade devices running the SharePlan app without requiring an upgrade to the enterprise server. In many cases, this means that administrators can update the SharePlan endpoint software without re-certifying the enterprise server software running on servers or managed appliances in their data centers.

    Fixes And Enhancements

    SharePlan Apps

    All Platforms

    • Numerous performance and stability improvements
    • New menu items make it easier to send logs to our Customer Champion team
    • The experience when leaving a plan is now consistent across all platforms
    • Corrected an issue that may trigger duplicate Timeline events
    • Leaving a plan from the SharePlan web app now gives the correct warning message
    • Sync Selections is now called Sync Preferences across all platforms
    • Minor updates to the look and feel of the Members tab
    • Build number is now recorded in log files
    • Improvements to the device upgrade process
    • Improvements to error messaging when creating a plan with "SharePlan" in the name
    • Changed the display format of the app's current version number in all places, including the About menu
    • Language around leaving a plan and removing a plan member is now consistent across platforms
    • Personal plans are now created if a new user has a first or last name containing characters not allowed in plan names. The invalid characters are filtered out of the plan name.
    • Improved error messaging when attempting to create a plan with invalid characters in the name
    • On the login or registration screens​, when no port number is entered with the server address, it first attempts port 4282, then 443
    • Improved error messaging when plan creation fails
    • When a directory is renamed by only changing the case, the directory now syncs correctly across devices


    • Improved installation experience
    • Improvements to logging
    • Corrected a spacing issue in the Options menu on Windows 7
    • When sending logs to support, the email body is now pre-populated
    • A new device ID is no longer created in certain circumstances when a device already has an assigned device ID
    • LockedAddress=true is now respected when set via file
    • In the Control Panel's settings for Notification Area Icons, the SharePlan app is now listed as SharePlanDesktop instead of Code42.SharePlan.SharePlanDesktop
    • There is now a link to the SharePlan documentation from the Help menu
    • You are no longer allowed to create a plan from C:\Users
    • Folders now display shared icons in Windows Explorer when creating the plan from Windows Explorer
    • Leave Plan button look and feel is now consistent with OS X app
    • Updated confirmation message when changing a plan's sync preferences

    OS X

    • Addressed issue causing CPU usage spikes
    • Corrected a spacing issue in the Leave Plan confirmation​ message
    • Menu bar icon now supports retina displays
    • You no longer see the message "server unavailable" prior to logging in or immediately following initial registration
    • Leave Plan button look and feel is now consistent with Windows app
    • Updated confirmation message when changing a plan's sync preferences
    • When performing a push install, the SharePlan dock icon no longer bounces and disappears
    • Improvements to logging
    • When registering a new user, the app now checks to make sure that the server address resolves before attempting registration
    • SharePlan items in the Finder menu are available after a reboot, without restarting the SharePlan app first
    • There is now a link to the SharePlan documentation from the Help menu
    • The Quick Look icon no longer incorrectly displays on the Timeline for plans with sync preferences set to Events Only
    • When adding members to a plan, there is now a status indicator when waiting for the search results list
    • Fixed an issue causing spurious file modification events for a file that had not changed
    • The Quick Look icon is no longer displayed on the Timeline for file delete events
    • Improved error messaging when encountering various issues during registration


    • There is a new menu item for quicker access to the selected plan's sync preferences
    • Notifications no longer appear when notifications are disabled
    • The Plans list now sorts alphabetically, regardless of whether the first letter is capital or lowercase
    • Corrected a spacing issue on the Create Plan screen
    • When you cancel a change to sync preferences, you are now taken back to the previous screen
    • When files are downloaded to an Android device, the app now distinguishes between files that are part of different plans but have the same name
    • When viewing the files in an Events Only plan, then changing plans while the files are still loading, the correct state is now displayed
    • After downloading and then deleting a file from a plan that syncs Events Only, the app correctly recognizes that the file no longer exists in the download directory
    • You are now able to open files with a ! in the filename
    • Better handling of cases where the master server's primary and secondary network addresses are blank
    • Better handling of on-demand file downloads when there is an interruption in connectivity
    • Plan avatar colors are now consistent with the apps on all other platforms
    • When browsing an Events Only plan, double touching a file now downloads the file only once; the file is visible under Downloads, and the file is checked when viewing the plan's list of files
    • When you are a Guest in a plan, files now correctly display the ! icon if you modify a file in the plan
    • Because you cannot add members to your personal plan, the Members tab is not relevant and has been removed


    • You are now able to open files in supported applications
    • Canceling from the Leave Plan confirmation no longer causes formatting issues on Members
    • Fixed color inconsistencies on Add Member screen
    • Because you cannot add members to your personal plan, the Members tab is not relevant and has been removed


    • Chrome users no longer see an error message if attempting to download a file after a period of inactivity
    • Password reset page now uses SharePlan branding
    • Uploading a file to a plan no longer silently fails when the plan's archive resides on a storage server
    • When your session times out, you are now forced to sign in, instead of receiving an error message when further actions fail
    • You are no longer permitted to create a folder longer than 255 characters
    • Corrected an alignment issue that was causing the link button to flicker
    • Users attempting to register with invalid LDAP credentials now receive the correct error message and the event is logged correctly
    • You are no longer allowed to upload a file with the name prn
    • The Upload Files widget now always opens in expanded mode
    • Long plan names now display correctly
    • The Upload Files box remains in place regardless of the width of the browser window
    • Timeline events on the SharePlan web app are displayed when creating a folder from the SharePlan web app
    • The link text box is now restricted in size so you cannot re-size the text box outside of the dialog
    • The Sign Up button no longer shifts to the right after entering the first four characters of the registration key, then tabbing forward
    • Optimized SharePlan web app for browser window width down to 400 pixels wide

    Code42 Platform

    • Performance and stability improvements for enterprise server
    • LDAP sync can update first and last names if LDAP entry changes (usernames and email addresses remain unchanged)
    • Corrected an issue that created too many copies of the enterprise server's app.log file
    • Improvements to off-heap memory consumption for enterprise server 
    • Shared link URLs now honor the administrator-defined link settings, rather than the website protocol, host, and port settings
    • You are now able to purge a CrashPlan archive from cold storage
    • Behavior when changing a username from the administration console is now consistent between CrashPlan and SharePlan. A user is no longer locked out of the SharePlan apps or SharePlan mobile app if his or her username is changed.
    • Script to restore a database dump ( no longer uses kill -9 command, shutting down the enterprise server process more gracefully
    • Additional diagnostic information added to enterprise server logs in cases where the enterprise server service fails to stop
    • Improvements to the storage server sync process
    • Deactivating a device from the administration console now correctly updates the storage server's database
    • Improvements to logging when a user attempts to register from the SharePlan web app using an invalid registration key

    Administration Console

    • Improved labels for shared link settings
    • Added noindex and nofollow meta tags to shared links so search engines are blocked from indexing those link targets
    • A scroll bar now appears when the left navigation menu is taller than the browser window
    • Alerts now render properly after re-sizing columns and switching between filtered views
    • When performing an administrator restore, enabling Display deleted files no longer forces a refresh of the entire page
    • When updating settings for a specific device, the Lock and Push confirmation now displays text correctly 
    • On Destinations Overview​ and Servers Overview, the Activity column title changed to Open Archives to more accurately reflect what is being measured
    • On Destinations Overview and Servers Overview, added a column for Connections to reflect the number of devices currently connected to the enterprise server
    • References to Sessions throughout the administration console are now titled Connections to more accurately reflect what is being measured
    • Administrators are now able to upgrade a specific SharePlan Windows device from the administration console
    • Language of instructions in enterprise server upgrade dialog has been corrected, and now specifies that a double-click is required to upload the upgrade file
    • The dialog when upgrading a single device from Device Details now displays the correct version numbers
    • You can now configure shared links to either begin the file download immediately, or take the user to a download landing page
    • Backup selected size has been added to the Device Details for CrashPlan devices
    • When deactivating a plan, both confirmation messages must be checked before you are able to click OK
    • You can now sort the Plans Overview by the Active column
    • You can now search for plans by plan ID
    • When adding a plan, clicking the Add button multiple times no longer creates multiple plans with the same name
    • Android devices now appear in Plan Details
    • You can now sort the Organization, Device, Archive, and Archive Maintenance list views by the service column
    • An organization administrator is now able to deauthorize a device
    • Updated translations


    • PlanUser resource now returns first name and last name
    • Org resource no longer errors when sorting by orgId parameter
    • Clicking a link in the API Doc Viewer now goes to the correct section of the page
    • API Documentation Viewer now displays example output
    • Updated content in the API Documentation Viewer for the following resources:
      • ComputerDeauthorization
      • Cluster
      • OrgDeactivation​
      • BackupTreeNode

    ​​Known Issues

    • On iOS devices, file uploads are limited to 100 MB for plans syncing Events Only
    • To upload an Apple package file (.pages, .key, etc.) via the SharePlan web app from an OS X or iOS device, you must use the Safari web browser
    • In certain circumstances on iOS devices, adding a file to a plan immediately after creating the plan may trigger a "Bad Destination" error
    • The timeline displays events for each individual item in a package file
    • On iOS devices, the files list for plans syncing Events Only may not update in real-time
    • The SharePlan web app does not support folder uploads
    • Videos do not play on iOS 7 devices when accessed from a shared link
    • In the SharePlan web app, attempting to download a file from the timeline that is still in the process of syncing generates a web browser error
    • In certain circumstances for customers with an on-premises master server also using cloud storage in the secure Code42 cloud, notifications for new plan creation are not added to the timeline on end user devices
    • There is a known issue affecting hybrid environments and public cloud environments with keys on-premises. For environments in either of these configurations, we recommend upgrading all private Code42 servers running version 4.1.3, 4.1.4, or 4.1.5 to version

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