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SharePlan Version 4.1.2

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    Version 4.1.2 focuses on performance improvements, stability improvements, and ease of use refinements for customers running SharePlan in Managed Private Cloud environments. Changes have been made to the following components: Enterprise server (in Managed Private Cloud environments) SharePlan apps ​SharePlan mobile apps


    Support For OS X v10.9.3

    The SharePlan app for OS X is now supported on OS X v10.9.3.

    Ease Of Use Refinements For End Users

    Version 4.1.2 contains numerous user interface refinements for end users across all platforms, providing a smoother overall experience for end users.

    Members First

    On the SharePlan app for Windows and OS X, Members is now presented as soon as you select a plan. You can now more quickly and easily view, add, or remove members.

    SharePlan App - Members

    New SharePlan Icon For Desktop And Mobile Apps

    SharePlan Icon

    The SharePlan icon has been updated to use a red on white color scheme, instead of the previous white on red color scheme, making the icon easier to spot. This change applies everywhere you see the SharePlan icon, on all desktop and mobile platforms.

    New Welcome Experience For Windows Users

    After the SharePlan app is successfully installed on Windows devices, a welcome screen is now displayed. This provides a friendlier first use story for people who are new to SharePlan, orienting them to the application so they can begin using SharePlan right away.

    Windows Welcome Screen

    Other Ease Of Use Enhancements & Fixes

    All Platforms
    • You can now access and open files from a View Plan button at the top of the Members view
    • Add New Plan is now at the top of the Plans list for faster access
    • Administrators can configure the Code42 environment via the API so that links to files may be redeemed immediately, instead of requiring the redeemer to visit a web page 
    SharePlan Apps For OS X & Windows
    • SharePlan logo now appears in the right-click menu
    • OS X: Better usage of white space in the Plans list
    • Windows: You can now add users directly from the Members​ view
    SharePlan Mobile Apps For Android & iOS
    • You can now create links to files even when plans are set to Events Only
    • Android: You can now delete files from Downloads, without leaving the app
    • iOS: You are now able to open SharePlan files in other apps, resolving a known issue
    • iOS: Downloads/Settings/About stay anchored on the bottom
    • iOS (iPad only): Separators in Plans list removed
    SharePlan Web App
    • Added buttons for Create Folder, Create Link, and Upload File
    • Improved experience when uploading files to plans

    Transaction Recovery Log

    Version 4.1.2 further improves upon the enterprise server recovery process by introducing a transaction recovery log that captures critical information about recent plan activity. The transaction recovery log supplements the existing enterprise server database recovery process and enables administrators to recover plan activity occurring between the daily database dump and a system failure.

    Ease Of Use Refinements For Administrators

    View And Find Plans Per User

    From User Details, you can now view how many plans a user belongs to. Click the number of plans to display a list of the user's plans.

    User Details

    Other Ease Of Use Enhancements & Fixes

    • Plan Overview now displays all active and inactive plans by default.
    • You are now able to use the REST API to create folders or subfolders within a plan.
    • When an administrator removes the last Plan Admin from a plan, there is now a confirmation prompt, making the experience from the administration console consistent with all other platforms.
    • When deactivating a device, the confirmation prompt now has a CrashPlan or SharePlan-specific message explaining the consequences of deactivation.
    • Corrected alignment of columns when in print view for several screens.
    • Share-link, protocol, host and port now tests the entered URL, making it consistent with other URL settings fields in the administration console.
    • Plan Detail and Add User now include help text describing each of the roles available.

    Other Fixes

    • General performance and stability improvements.
    • Numerous fixes for print views throughout the administration console.
    • In environments with more than 100 users, you are now able to fully utilize the user search when adding a user to a plan via the administration console.
    • When adding a user to a plan via the administration console, entering a space no longer clears the user search.
    • The password field is now displayed correctly when editing the local administrator's user account.
    • After removing a backup set via Device Backup Settings, you are now able to save the configuration change.
    • Corrected a display issue with Licensing when viewing the administration console with Firefox.
    • Better handling when a browser session of the SharePlan web app or administration console times out.
    • Updated the error page that displays when Internet Explorer is running with Compatibility View enabled.
    • Corrected an issue preventing search for files when performing an administrator restore.
    • When manually upgrading a CrashPlan device, the confirmation message now includes the correct version number.
    • After completing a block or unblock action from the Organizations Overview, the selection list clears properly, allowing you to perform another action.
    • You are no longer able to enter negative values for Device Backup Settings or Organization Settings where negative values don't make sense.
    • Removing a store point no longer incorrectly displays an error message.
    • Viewing a User or Plan list that has no items now correctly displays a message to indicate that there is nothing to display.
    • From the Archives List, deselecting archives now correctly clears them from the selection.
    • Clicking the Private address field from Server Edit now no longer incorrectly displays a red X with "Missing Host" message.
    • The administration console no longer gives a system error when attempting to add a plan with a / in the name, and instead gives the same error as is used in the SharePlan web app.
    • Extraneous parameter from StoredBytesNLargetResource API removed.
    • Security updates.
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