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SharePlan Version 4.1.1

Applies to:
    4.1.1 includes features and general improvements for customers running SharePlan in Managed Private Cloud environments. Changes have been made to the following components: Enterprise server (in Managed Private Cloud environments) SharePlan apps ​SharePlan mobile apps


    Share A Link To A File Or Folder With Anyone, Anywhere

    SharePlan now enables you to to securely and easily share files and folders in your plans with people who aren't plan members, or with people who don't use SharePlan at all. Generate a link to a file or folder and give the link to anyone that needs access. With no size limits on what can be shared, worrying about email attachment size is now a thing of the past. For full details, see Sharing Files With A SharePlan Link.

    Administrators can maintain control and security over shared files by placing limits on how long the link is active and how many times the link can be accessed. Limits can be placed either on a global or a per-organization basis. Administrators are also able to configure the base URL, creating highly flexible options to manage shared link traffic in your environment. For example, you could use a custom base URL to:

    • Configure shared links to work with your load balancer
    • Mask the number and location of your destinations
    • Separate link redemption traffic from outside your network and link redemption traffic from inside your network

    For more information, see Configuring Access To Files Shared Via SharePlan Links.

    Easily Manage Access Rights To Shared Files

    There are now three levels of plan access that you can grant to plan members from within the SharePlan apps, SharePlan mobile apps, SharePlan web app, and administration console. Available roles are Plan AdminContributor, and Guest.


    Example uses:
    • Add the sales team as Guests to the Sales Presentations plan so they always have the most current PowerPoint templates from Marketing.
    • Add Michelle to the Budget Proposal plan as a Contributor so she can review and update documents, but not add or remove other members.
    • Add Will, the engineering manager, as a Plan Admin to Product Management's Version 4.1.1 Functional Spec plan so Will can update the document for the upcoming release, and add key reviewers from engineering to the plan.

    For additional details, see Member Roles.

    Browse & Download Plan Files From SharePlan Mobile Apps

    Easily get to shared files from your mobile device. With the SharePlan mobile apps, you can now browse all files in plans set to Events Only, then download specific files as needed. This makes it easy to view and access plan files, without having to store files from all your plans on your mobile device.

    If a file you've downloaded is updated, just tap Update from Downloads or the plan's Files List to download the most recent version.


    Add Files To Plans Via The SharePlan Web App

    You are now able to add files to a plan by uploading a file via the SharePlan web app—all you need is a web browser. 

    SharePlan web app file upload

    Improvements To User Experience

    We've refined the experience and language used in the SharePlan apps, SharePlan mobile apps, and SharePlan web app to make SharePlan easier to use and to provide a more consistent experience across applications.

    Changes include:
    • How to create a plan from within Windows Explorer or the Finder is now more clearly communicated:
      • Sync to my devices creates a plan and syncs to your devices.
      • Share with others creates a plan and opens Add Members, allowing you to add other people to the plan.
    • Settings is now called Members to better indicate that this is where you view and manage plan members.
    • Welcome document introduces new users to SharePlan following installation of the SharePlan app on Windows and OS X
    • SharePlan mobile apps: After selecting a plan from the Plans List, the Files List is now displayed instead of the Timeline, giving you quicker access to your files from your mobile device.
    • More consistent titles and labels across all components.

    Multi-Destination Support With High Availability For Plan Data

    SharePlan now supports storing plan archives at multiple destinations. Once plan data is uploaded from an endpoint device to one destination, plan files and events are copied to other destinations. 

    SharePlan's multi-destination support reduces the bandwidth users consume by minimizing the amount of duplicate data sent from SharePlan endpoints to your destinations. Devices are able to send plan data to or retrieve plan data from any of the available destinations, increasing availability, reliability, and resiliency in the event that a destination is not available to a device at any given time.

    Additional details are available in Multi-Destination Support With High Availability For Plan Data.

    Multi-Server Storage Support For SharePlan Data

    The initial release of SharePlan supported syncing, accessing, or storing plan data within your private cloud only on your master server. Now, in version 4.1.1, your environment can also utilize storage servers. This means that:

    • A plan archive in your private cloud can now reside on any storage server
    • The data balancer can now balance SharePlan archives between all store points and all servers in one destination

    Improved CrashPlan & SharePlan Administrator Experience

    The administration console now provides a simple, comprehensive view of usage, system health, storage, capacity, and licensing for both CrashPlan PROe and SharePlan, making it much easier for administrators to view and manage their Code42 environment as a whole. Improvements include:

    • Dashboard now focuses on overall system-level health
    • New data visualizations present overall storage data
    • Streamlined list and detail views emphasize actionable information
    • Application-based licensing makes it simple to see CrashPlan and SharePlan licensing
    • Labels now clearly identify metrics or settings specific to either backup or sharing
    • Labels have been updated for consistency throughout the administration console

    For a detailed guide to the changes, see Changes To The Administration Console In Version 4.1.

    New Enterprise Server Launch Experience

    At the end of the enterprise server installation, or when you launch the server application on the local server from the Start Menu (Windows) or from Applications (OS X), your default browser opens and connects to the administration console. This functionality replaces the PROe Monitor application included in previous versions of SharePlan and CrashPlan PROe.

    New Installation And Upgrade Options

    The SharePlan apps and SharePlan mobile apps now support the following new options for installation and upgrades:

    • Push-based installation supported for the SharePlan apps on OS X and Windows.
    • Technology foundations are in place for automatic upgrade of the SharePlan app on OS X and Windows and for the SharePlan mobile app on Android. This means that client devices running SharePlan 4.1.1 on OS X, Windows, or Android can automatically upgrade to future versions.
    • All plan files remain in place when re-installing the same or later version of the SharePlan app.

    Support For Multi-User Windows Computers

    The SharePlan app for Windows now supports cases where computers are shared by multiple people and each person has a separate Windows user account.  Each Windows user account can now have its own SharePlan app installation that won't interfere with any other user account's SharePlan app installation or plans.



    • Fixed an issue where emptying a store point failed to move cold storage archives
    • Fixed an issue where balancing failed for cold storage archives
    • Logging improvements
    • User interface consistency between all platforms improved
    • An error is no longer generated when LDAP sync uses the org script to add an organization with a long name
    • You are no longer presented with the option to adopt or back up to a SharePlan device from the CrashPlan app 
    • Send Logs to Engineering is now correctly labeled "Send logs to Support" and populates default mail application TO address with our Customer Champion email address
    • Improvements to the server sync process 
    • Stability and performance improvements

    Administration Console

    • The unblock action is now dimmed and disabled when a device is currently in an active and unblocked state
    • Corrected text overflow issues when the German language is selected
    • The Archives List no longer displays "No Archives", when selecting the Stored value for an archive that is not stored on the local server
    • Required fields must now be populated in the Add Organization dialog before the Add button becomes active
    • "Export All" now appears above "Print" in the action menu when in Archive Maintenance view, making this consistent with the rest of the administration console

    SharePlan Apps

    • Deleteing the SharePlan directory now correctly sets your personal plan to "Events Only" and any shared plans to "Do Not Sync" 

    OS X

    • Selecting SharePlan > Manage Plan from the Finder's shortcut menu now takes you to the correct plan from the Plans List
    • Changing the width of the Plans List no longer causes display issues
    • "Files not synced" text no longer overlaps the invite icon when viewing an Events Only plan
    • You are now able to re-open the SharePlan app from the menu bar on OS X after having previously closed the SharePlan app
    • Selecting Settings immediately after initial installation and sign up no longer shows incorrect information
    • Canceling out of the "Leave Plan" dialog now resets the confirmation checkboxes
    • ​Preferences and Pause Syncing are now correctly dimmed and disabled in the OS X menu bar before the first time you sign into the SharePlan app


    • You are now able to change the logging level without restarting the Code42 service
    • Files are now properly synced after blocking and unblocking the user

    SharePlan Mobile Apps


    • You are no longer able to enter a plan name that contains multiple rows
    • After leaving a plan, the "Leave Plan" button no longer appears in your personal plan
    • Text on sync options button is no longer cut off when "Files & Events" or "Do Not Sync" are selected
    • Improvements to the Timeline when viewing while new events are being received


    • Improvements to the sign in and registration process
    • ​Better handling of files with no metadata
    • Redundant text removed from error messages
    • Notifications for files added to a plan now always show to which plan the files have been added
    • After an iPad Mini wakes from sleep, creating a new plan while in portrait mode no longer causes the iPad to freeze
    • Rotating between landscape and portrait orientations no longer prevents you from adding members to a plan 

    SharePlan Web App

    • ​Improvements to infinite scrolling behavior
    • A user is no longer added to a plan if you cancel out of the Add User dialog
    • Duplicate plans are no longer generated when creating a new plan
    • When creating a new plan with special characters in the plan's name, the web app now correctly informs you that only letters and numbers are allowed in the plan name

    Known Issues And Limitations


    To change a plan member's role, you must remove the member first, then readd with the role you'd like to grant.

    SharePlan Apps

    .NET 4.5 is required to install the SharePlan app on Windows:

    • Windows 8 comes with .NET 4.5 installed and no action is required.
    • On Windows 7, .NET 4.5 must be installed on the client device prior to installing the SharePlan app. 
      • The EXE version of the SharePlan app installer also installs .NET 4.5.
      • The MSI version of the SharePlan app installer does not install .NET 4.5. You must install .NET 4.5 prior to running the MSI version of the installer, or use the EXE version instead.
      • The MSI version of the SharePlan app does not check for .NET 4.5. For push installs, the install script must check for .NET 4.5 prior to attempting the SharePlan app installation.

    Finder enhancements are incompatible with OS X v10.8.4 build 12E3067, which affects some mid-2013 MacBook Airs.

    SharePlan Mobile Apps

    • You must sign in to the SharePlan mobile apps while your mobile device is connected to a WiFi network.
    • To use SharePlan mobile app on mobile data networks, you must first be connected to a WiFi network, then update your device's network settings to allow mobile data access. (iOS settings | Android settings)
    • SharePlan mobile app for iOS: you cannot open SharePlan files in other apps.
    • You may occasionally experience an issue downloading a file update. Trying again resolves the issue in most cases.

    SharePlan Web App

    Administration Console

    Storage statistics for all SharePlan archives are associated with the Admin user account. In practice, this means that:

    • The Admin user is displayed in storage utilization graphs as the number one storage consumer
    • The "total" column from any Organizations list view displays metrics only for CrashPlan storage
    • You cannot limit SharePlan usage via org disk quotas
    • The Admin user's backup completion status displays 100%
    • Dashboard and all other graphs show 0's when logged in as an Org Admin user
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