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    End Of Support For Version 3.8.2010.2 & Older

    Applies to:
    • CrashPlan PROe


    CrashPlan PROe versions 3.8.2010.2 and older will reach end of support on April 30, 2014Please refer to the Product Lifecycle Policy document for our general end of support policy.

    Additional Information

    If your CrashPlan PROe environment is running version 3.8.2010.2 or older and your organization's CrashPlan contact(s) did not receive an End of Support notification email, please do the following to receive specific information on how this affects your organization:

    1. Go to our contact sales form
    2. Under I would like, select Other
    3. In the comments box, please reference:
      • 3.8.2010 for general questions
      • MSP 3.8.2010 if you are a Managed Service Provider
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