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    Unable To Back Up - No Connection For X Days

    Applies to:
    • CrashPlan for Home
    • CrashPlan PRO
    • CrashPlan PROe


    If you see an email alert with the message “Unable to back up - no connection for X days,” that means the computer has not backed up to any of its destinations during that time. Usually, this is the result of:

    • Connectivity issue
    • CrashPlan's settings
    • File system issue

    Recommended Solution

    Check Connectivity

    On the Backup tab, check the circle next to the source or destination's name. A green circle means there is a connection. If it's grey or the mouse-over says “disconnected”, it means that your computer can't reach the other computer. Here are a couple of common causes:

    • The other computer is off or asleep
    • Something on the network is not allowing a connection between computers

    If both computers are on, but CrashPlan says one or both are not connected, please see our network troubleshooting article.

    Check CrashPlan Settings

    On the computer that is not backing up, check the following settings:


    • From the CrashPlan app, click Settings > Backup to see if CrashPlan is configured to run all the time or during a window of time. We recommend setting CrashPlan to run Always. If CrashPlan is set to run between specific times, make sure both the source and destination computers have overlapping windows and that both computers are on and awake. CrashPlan can't back up or restore outside of this window or when the computer is off or asleep.
    • From the CrashPlan app, click Settings > General to see if the CPU throttling is set to 0%. If it's set to 0%, CPU resources are not being allocated to CrashPlan and therefore CrashPlan can't back up.  View the Settings - General Reference Guide for more information about configuring CPU usage.


    Check File System

    • Are the files to be backed up available, or are they on a detachable drive that isn't mounted? The selected files need to be available for back up.
    • Is the destination's disk full? If so, you'll see a message in CrashPlan's History on both the source and destination.
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