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    Destination Unavailable

    Applies to:
    • CrashPlan for Home


    There are a number of different reasons why a Destination Unavailable message appears in CrashPlan:

    • Backup location is not accessible
    • Not scheduled to run
    • Backup files are being maintained
    • Disk quota reached

    This article explains causes for each of these circumstances.

    Backup Location Is Not Accessible

    “Destination unavailable. Backup location is not accessible” means that the location of the archive on the destination computer is currently unavailable. This could be because the drive is not currently mounted or because permissions do not allow access. It could also signify a network issue. 

    Common causes:

    • An external drive gets bumped, yanked, or otherwise accidentally unmounted
    • The drive didn't unmount cleanly, resulting is a duplicate drive name (appended with "1")
    • Computer shuts down unexpectedly
    • The name of the drive or folder was changed
    • A network issue


    This issue is typically caused by a drive that didn't cleanly unmount (e.g., due to a power outage, disconnected without ejecting, etc.). When this happens, the drive can leave behind a "ghost" folder in /Volumes, even though the drive is no longer mounted. When the drive re-mounts, your Mac sees that the folder name for the drive is taken, so it appends a “1” to the drive name. However, CrashPlan is looking for the folder with the original name, which is no longer valid. 

    To determine if you have a duplicate drive:

    1. Open Applications > Utilities > Terminal
    2. Enter the command: cd /Volumes/
    3. Press Enter
    4. Enter the command: ls
    5. Press Enter

    Do you see the external drive name? Do you see one ending with a “1”? If so, this duplicate drive is causing the issue.

    Recommended Solution

    1. Stop the CrashPlan service
    2. Make sure your volume is disconnected
    3. In the Finder, go to /Volumes
    4. Delete the drive that is appended with 1
    5. Reconnect your volume (it should appear in /Volumes/ without the 1 ending)
      You can check this using Terminal or the Finder
    6. Start the CrashPlan service

    For more information, see our troubleshooting guide, External Drive Stops Backing Up, or the Apple Support article Duplicate mount point in /Volumes after unexpected restart.

    Network Issue

    If you receive the message “Destination unavailable. Backup location is not accessible”, and an accidentally unmounted external drive does not appear to be the source of the issue, you may have a network issue

    Known Conflicts With The CrashPlan App

    Certain applications are known to conflict with the CrashPlan app and may result in a Destination Unavailable message. Antivirus and security applications are the most common source of conflict; however, additional programs have been known to cause conflicts as well. Identify whether or not an application is conflicting with CrashPlan

    Not Scheduled To Run

    This message has two possible causes:

    • CrashPlan on the source or destination computer is set to run between certain hours and it is outside that time period.
    • CPU usage is set to 0% when the user is active and therefore CrashPlan does not run at all when you are at the computer.

    Both settings can be adjusted in the CrashPlan app from Settings > General.  Increase the time period during which CrashPlan is allowed to run or increase CrashPlan's allowed CPU usage to reestablish back up to the destination.

    Backup Files Are Being Maintained

    The destination computer is currently performing Archive Maintenance / the Compact routine.  The "Destination Unavailable" message will disappear once the maintenance process is complete.

    Disk Quota Reached

    Your friend has restricted the amount of space your backup can take up on his or her computer and you've reached your limit. Files are still available for restore, but no additional files can be backed up to this destination.

    To continue backing up to your friend's destination, either adjust your file selection to make the backup smaller, modify your frequency and version settings, or ask your friend to increase the allotted space for your backup.

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