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    Connecting To CrashPlan Central

    Applies to:
    • CrashPlan for Home


    This article provides guidance for diagnosing and remedying connection problems to CrashPlan Central.


    There are a few ways you can tell if you're having trouble connecting to CrashPlan Central.

    If you're backing up to CrashPlan Central, you'll see a grey circle next to CrashPlan Central in the application. If you're a Windows user, your system tray icon will be grey. You might also see the error message CrashPlan Authority is Unavailable, which means CrashPlan is unable to connect to CrashPlan Central.

    In all cases, the most common cause is that your computer's network or Internet connection has experienced a brief interruption or slowdown of service. This is especially true on wireless networks.


    CrashPlan currently does not support connecting from behind Internet proxies. If your current location requires you to log in to a web page or if you have to enter special proxy settings in your web browser to get to the Internet, then you will not be able to use CrashPlan at that location.

    Recommended Solution

    Check Your Network Connection

    Are you able to connect to outside websites? Can you browse to If you're on a wireless network, how strong is your signal? See our Network Troubleshooting guide for more information.

    Try Again

    If you're logging into the CrashPlan application or creating a new account and receive the “authority unavailable” message, try submitting the login form again.

    Check Your Software Firewall Or 3rd Party Security Software

    Some software firewalls are built into the operating system (e.g. Windows Firewall, SELinux, Apple Firewall) and some are third party applications you install yourself (e.g. Norton Internet Security, Little Snitch, etc.). Things like operating system updates can affect the firewall's behavior.

    Check the software firewall or security software to make sure your rules allow CrashPlan to connect out. You may need to consult the 3rd party's documentation for instructions on allowing applications or connections. CrashPlan uses TCP port 443 to connect to CrashPlan Central.

    If there is already a firewall rule allowing CrashPlan, try removing and recreating the firewall rule.

    CrashPlan Version Updates
    Upgrading the CrashPlan app to a new version may cause antivirus or security software​ to see that version as a new application and block its activity. If this occurs, re-add CrashPlan as an approved application in your antivirus or security software​.

    Still Having Trouble?

    If the above troubleshooting suggestions do not help you resolve the issue, please contact our Customer Champion team for further assistance.

    Include the following information in your request to help our Customer Champions diagnose the issue faster:

    • Product name helps us direct your request to the team that can best assist you
    • Operating system and version(s) of relevant system(s)
    • Detailed description of the question or problem
    • Screen shots of relevant settings in the app, console, or error messages
    • Computer ID (GUID) of affected device or devices (where's my computer ID?)
    • Logs can help us diagnose your issue more efficiently (how to find and send logs)
    • Username (or email address) of affected user account
    • Version of software you are running

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