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    Free 30-Day Trial

    Applies to:
    • CrashPlan for Home


    CrashPlan offers a full-featured free 30-day trial so that you can try out all of CrashPlan for Home's features before purchasing a subscription. You can continue using CrashPlan without a subscription after the trial ends if you only wish to back up locally and/or to your friends' computers.  If you purchase a subscription, you can continue backing up to CrashPlan Central and using our premium features.

    Common questions and answers about the 30-day trial are addressed below.

    30-Day Trial FAQs

    When does my CrashPlan for Home 30-day trial begin?

    Your 30-day trial begins when you register CrashPlan on your computer.

    How do I continue using CrashPlan for Home's advanced features, like backing up to CrashPlan Central and creating backup sets, after my trial?

    To continue using subscription-only features after your trial, you must purchase a subscription from our store.

    What happens to my trial if I buy a subscription before my trial ends?

    Subscriptions take effect immediately upon purchase, ending the free trial if it is in progress. To get the most out of the trial, consider purchasing near the end of your 30-day trial.

    Tip: When you get a reminder that your trial is ending, that would be a good time to consider purchasing your subscription.
    Why can't I make new backup sets after my 30-day trial?

    If you don't sign up for a subscription, your trial reverts to a free version of the license. All of the subscription-only features, including backup sets, are no longer available. You are only able to remove backup sets. If you decide to restart your subscription, you can manage and modify any backup sets you have not removed.

    Why does CrashPlan tell me my CrashPlan Central trial has / will expire? I purchased a subscription.

    You must activate the license key you received in your purchase receipt by entering it in the CrashPlan app. 

    What happens if I decide not to purchase a subscription after my trial (or my subscription expires)?
    • Files can no longer back up to the CrashPlan Central destination
    • You cannot restore the files that you backed to CrashPlan Central
    • Your CrashPlan app reverts from CrashPlan for Home with a subscription to the free version of CrashPlan
    • Only your default backup set can continue to backup (to destinations other than CrashPlan Central)
    • Expired backup sets remain visible in your backup set list
    • You cannot add new backup sets or edit backup sets you created
    • You can remove the backup sets you created
    • You can continue to restore files from destinations (other than CrashPlan Central) in your expired backup sets
    Take special care when you remove backup sets. Removing a backup set also removes those files from all of the backup set's destinations.
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