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    Optimizing Computer Energy Settings For Uninterrupted Backup & Restore

    Applies to:
    • CrashPlan for Home
    • CrashPlan PRO
    • CrashPlan PROe


    If your computer is asleep or turned off, CrashPlan doesn't run and therefore it can't back up or restore files. If you need to back up or restore a large number of files, we recommend disabling your computer's sleep settings. This article includes links to information about modifying your computer's energy settings to facilitate uninterrupted backup and restore tasks.


    Disabling your sleep settings is especially useful if you are completing your initial backup, or restoring your entire system. However, it can be used any time you need the CrashPlan app to back up or restore a large amount of files. This can significantly reduce the time it takes to complete the backup or restore process.

    Once CrashPlan is done backing up or restoring your files, you can change the sleep settings back to their original settings.

    For more information about increasing backup speed, see Speeding Up Your Backup.

    Will CrashPlan Run While I Am Logged Out?
    ​Yes. CrashPlan continues to run even if you are not logged in to your computer. If you log out for the day, or because you share your computer with multiple users, CrashPlan continues to back up your files as long as the computer is awake.

    For Windows, CrashPlan always continues to back up because it runs as a background service. For OS X, CrashPlan continues to back up unless you specifically customized your installation to run CrashPlan “as User.”

    Changing Default Sleep Settings

    Follow the appropriate link below for instructions about how to disable your computer's default sleep settings.

    Mac OS X

    Note: Some Macs can take "power naps." CrashPlan cannot back up or restore files during a power nap. To learn more about what power nap does, and how you can turn it on and off, see Apple's support documentation.


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