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    CrashPlan Online Account Overview & Settings

    Applies to:
    • CrashPlan for Home


    Use the CrashPlan web app​ to view information about your CrashPlan for Home​ account, subscriptions, and backup destinations. You can also use the CrashPlan web app​ to restore files backed up to CrashPlan Central​ from an Internet Browser, or remove your account.

    Accessing Your Account

    From The CrashPlan App

    1. Click Settings > Account
    2. Click the Manage account link
      If you are not already logged in, enter your account email address and password

    From Your Internet Browser

    1. Go to the CrashPlan web app
    2. Enter your account email address and password
    3. Click Login

    CrashPlan Web App

    You can view information about your computers, subscriptions, order history, friend destinations, and your CrashPlan for Home account from the CrashPlan web app.

    Account Menu

    Item Description
    a Computers View computer details, perform a web restore, or modify your computer's settings.
    b Subscriptions View details about your subscriptions, including license type, time remaining, auto renew date (if applicable), and license key. You may also extend and cancel existing subscriptions from this menu.
    c Order History View orders placed for this account
    d Friends Friends backing up to you and friends' computers you are using as destinations
    e Account Account and subscription information.
    f Sign Off Exit the CrashPlan web app.


    My Computers Web

    Item Description
    a Name Computer name. Click to display more specific details and options for this computer.
    b Files Number of files this computer is backing up.
    c Size Size of backup archive.
    d Complete % Percentage of backup completeness.
    e Last Connected Identifies amount of time since last backup.
    f Last Known IP IP address reported the last time the computer connected.
    g Restore Display screen in which you can select files that you want to restore.

    Computer Details

    When you click a computer name link you see these details about that computer.

    Computer Detail

    Item Description
    a Computer Name Name of current computer. You can click to change the name of the selected computer.  
    b Modify Settings Displays online version of the Settings tab, showing your backup selections and a summary of your General and Advanced preferences for this computer.
    c Computer GUID Globally Unique Identifier for the selected computer. A number generated by CrashPlan and assigned to each device. Used to associate the device with its backup archive.  
    d Friends allowed to backup... List of friends that are allowed to back up to this computer.    
    e Enable Checked - Currently allowed to back up to this computer.    
      Unchecked - Computers you have not yet granted permission to back up.
    f Destinations Locations to which this computer is backing up.    
    g Enable Checked - Currently backing up to this Destination.    
      Unchecked - Currently not backing up to this Destination.
    h Cancel or Save Cancels or saves changes for this computer.    



    Item Description
    a Computer Name Displays the name(s) of computer(s) backing up under this account.
    b License Type of license assigned to this computer.
    c Remaining Amount of time remaining on your subscription.
    d AutoRenew Date when the subscription will automatically be renewed. If this is a “manual renew” subscription, this column does not display.
    e License Key License Key assigned to this computer for this account. All the computers belonging to the same family plan will have the same license key.
    f Actions Actions you can take for this subscription:
        Extend - Displays payment page where you can supply payment information to extend this subscription.
        Cancel - Displays page where you can confirm that you want to cancel this subscription.

    Order History

    Order History

    Item Description
    a ID Identification number for an order. Click to view a receipt of the order.
    b Date Date of the order transaction.
    c User Name of the individual billed for the order.
    d Total Total amount billed for the order.
    e Status Status of the order.


    On the Friends tab, you can view a summary of your CrashPlan Friends (people who are your backup destinations or who are backing up to you) as well as people to whom you have sent invitations. From the Friends tab you can invite new friends and you can click a friend's name to view additional details about that friend.

    My Friends Web

    Item Description
    a Invite Friends     Link to display page for inviting a friend to be a backup destination.
    b Friend’s name (link)     Click to view the details about this friend.
    c Remove friend

    Removes this friend from your list.

    Warning: You will lose your backup archive if you are currently backing up to this destination.



    The My Account page displays account and subscription information. You can also extend and cancel subscriptions on this page. Use the menu to display other account pages.

    My Account

    Item Description
    a First Name Your first name.
    b Last Name Your last name (surname).
    c Email Your email address.
    d Receive promotional emails Indicates whether or not you want to receive information about CrashPlan promotions.
    e Automatically renew subscriptions Indicates whether or not subscriptions will renew automatically. This setting applies to all the subscriptions shown.
    f Cancel or Save Cancels or saves any changes you've made.
    g Change Password Link to change your password. Keep in mind you will need to enter your current password to make the change.
    h Payment method Indicates how you paid for CrashPlan.
    i Modify Click to display page where you may supply new payment information.
    j Permanently remove my account Click to delete your CrashPlan for Home account. You will be prompted to verify your password and confirm the decision.
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