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    Creating Backup Sets

    Applies to:
    • CrashPlan for Home
    • CrashPlan PRO
    • CrashPlan PROe


    When you first start backing up, CrashPlan backs up everything in your home directory or user folder in a single, default backup set. With backup sets enabled, you can create additional backup sets so that different groups of files can back up to different locations and with different settings.

    This tutorial includes important considerations as well as step-by-step instructions for creating backup sets. You can also copy, rename and remove backup sets.


    CrashPlan PROe​: If you are using CrashPlan PROe, please note that your backup administrator has the option to enable or disable the ability to create backup sets. If this option is disabled, you cannot configure backup sets as described in this article.

    Multiple Backup Sets Backing Up To A Single Destination
    Backup sets can back up to separate destinations or share a destination. Before creating multiple backup sets that back up to a single destination, please read these important considerations.
    File exclusions
    File exclusions specified for any backup set impact all sets backing up to the same destination. For example, suppose Set A and Set B back up to an external hard drive destination. Set A has an exclusion indicating that files ending in .mp3 shouldn't back up. Even though you haven't specified this exclusion for Set B, MP3s from this set will not back up to the external hard drive. 
    Frequency and version settings
    Only one set of version and deleted file retention settings can be applied to backup sets backing up to a single destination:
    • When multiple backup sets back up to a single destination, the version and deleted file retention settings from the backup set with the highest priority are applied to all sets backing up to that destination.
    • If you would like different backup sets to have different version and deleted file retention settings, back up to multiple destinations.​

    Create Backup Sets

    Step 1: Enable Backup Sets

    You need to enable the backup sets feature to start creating backup sets:

    1. Go to Settings > Backup > Backup sets and select Enable.

    Enable Backup Sets

    Step 2: Add Backup Set

    Once backup sets are enabled, follow the steps below to complete setup of your backup set.

    Backup Set Settings

    1. Choose Settings > Backup.
    2. Click Add.
    3. Enter the name for this backup set.
    4. (Optional) Change the priority for this backup set.
      New backup sets are assigned incrementally lower priority in the backup queue as you add them. You can adjust the priority for a selected backup set with the Priority control.
    5. From the Files section, click Change.
    6. In the File Selection window, change the file selection by selecting or de-selecting the files that you want to include with, or exclude from, this backup set.
    Note: You can specify an attached external hard drive to include it in the file backup selection.
    1. Click Ok.
    2. In the Destinations section, choose Assign...


    1. Select the destinations for this backup set.
    2. Click Ok.
    3. (Optional) Change the backup settings for this backup set. Specify settings for:
    • Backup will run... to specify when you want CrashPlan to run.
    • Verify file selection... to specify when you want your file selection to be verified.
    • Frequency and Versions to change backup frequency and version retention settings.
    • Filename exclusions to specify the types of files to be excluded from this backup set.
    • Advanced Settings to specify bandwidth and throttling settings for this backup set.
    1. From Settings > Backup, click Save to save this backup set.
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