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    Seeded Backup

    Applies to:
    • CrashPlan for Home


    If you have a lot of information to back up, your initial backup to the Code42 cloud could take many weeks. Depending on how quickly you would like to have a complete initial backup, sending your files over the Internet may not be practical for your purposes.

    With CrashPlan for Home's Seeded Backup service, we can help you get your initial backup completed in much less time.


    The Seeded Backup service is an optional service that lets you get your first backup sent to the Code42 cloud faster than over the Internet. How much faster depends on how much you need to back up and available bandwidth.

    This service is only available to customers who are located in the United States, or who are members of the US Armed Forces actively serving overseas. The Seeded Backup service requires a CrashPlan for Home subscription so that you can restore your files when you need them and can continue backing up after we have loaded your seeded archive to your online destination.

    Seeded backup is intended for:

    • Initial backups only. The service cannot be used to add to an existing backup.
    • Backups larger than 300 GB.
    • Backing up one or more computers to a single seed drive. You cannot order multiple seed drives for a single computer.
    Back Up Locally For Faster Restores
    In addition to backing up to an online destination like the Code42 cloud, we recommend backing up to at least one local destination. Backups and restores on local destinations are faster than online destinations.

    How Does It Work?

    1. Place your order from our store. All orders are shipped in the order they are received (typical wait time is 5-7 business days).
      • Please note: We ship our seed drives via FedEx. FedEx does not deliver to post office boxes. When you order the Seed drive, be sure to provide a physical address for the shipment.
    2. You receive the external USB drive and back up to it with CrashPlan.
    3. We include instructions for setting up and backing up the hard drive in the box containing the drive.
    4. You send the drive back (using the provided shipping label).
    5. We copy your backup archive to our data center.
    6. Your backup continues to the Code42 cloud destination.

    We'll keep you updated on status once we receive the hard drive containing your backup data.

    Seeded Backup Service FAQs

    Do I have to use the Seeded Backup service?

    No. The Seeded Backup service is an optional service. Order this service only if the initial backup over the Internet to the Code42 cloud will take a lot longer than you'd like. It is intended for backups larger than 300 GB. Backups smaller than this can usually be transferred over the Internet in a reasonable amount of time.

    Is the Seeded Backup service included in the cost of my CrashPlan for Home subscription?

    No. The Seeded Backup service is available for an additional fee. Please visit our store for complete details on cost.

    If I order the Seeded Backup service, do I still need to buy a CrashPlan for Home subscription?

    Yes. The reason you order the Seeded Backup service is to start backing up to and restoring from the Code42 cloud destination faster.

    How many files can I send you?

    We'll send you a 1 TB drive. You can send as much data as you can back up to the 1 TB drive.

    What should I do if I have more than 1 TB to backup?

    Back up as much as you can to the 1 TB drive, then ship the drive back to us. We'll upload your backup to the Code42 cloud. Your backup will automatically continue where it left off. All files backed up over the Internet will be added to your backup and you'll still save a lot of time by shipping us a large percentage of your backup.

    Can I order multiple seed drives to back up a single computer?

    No. You can only seed as much backup data from a single computer as will fit on a 1 TB drive.

    What if I'm already backing up online?

    Seeding is intended for your initial backup.

    When the seed is loaded onto our servers, any files you backed up to the Code42 cloud are completely overwritten/replaced with the files on the seed. It's as if the day you start back up to the seed drive is day 1 of your online backup. You will not be able to restore versions of files that you backed up online before your seeded backup started.

    Are my files safe in transit?

    Yes. Your data is encrypted, so even if the drive is lost, there is no risk to your personal files.

    Can I seed more than one computer at once?

    Yes, providing all of the files fit on one 1 TB drive. Just connect the seed drive to each computer one at a time.

    Can I send you one of my own drives?

    No. We've tested our drives for our hardware. To ensure a reliable backup, we need you to seed your backup with our drives.

    Where will you keep my files?

    Your files are stored in one of our secure North American data center facilities.

    How long will you hold my files?

    We retain your backup archive as long as you have an active CrashPlan for Home subscription.

    Where is this offer available?

    All 50 U.S. states, and all overseas U.S. Armed Forces POs.

    Armed Forces Seed Offer

    To honor your service, members of the U.S. Armed Forces actively serving overseas get the Seeded Backup service for free. See full details and instructions for our Armed Forces seed offer.

    What if I decide to keep the drive?

    You have 21 days from the date of purchase to return the drive to us. If we have not received the drive within that time, we will assume you are keeping the drive and charge your credit card an additional $150 US.

    Do I have to pay to ship the drive back?

    No. Price includes shipping BOTH ways. We included a pre-addressed, pre-paid return label in the box.

    Where are my instructions?

    We include instructions for setting up and backing up the hard drive in the box containing the drive.

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