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    Backing Up Your Entire Family

    Applies to:
    • CrashPlan for Home


    CrashPlan for Home family subscriptions allow you to back up as many as ten computers under a single account. Family subscriptions are perfect when you have several people in a household who need to back up their computers. If a son or daughter goes away to school, his or her computer can still be protected under a family subscription.

    This tutorial describes how to set up and add computers to your CrashPlan for Home subscription.


    • Under a family subscription, all of the participants sign in to CrashPlan for Home using a single email address and a single password
    • All of the computers covered by the subscription can access and restore from any other computer included on the account
    • If you are upgrading from an individual subscription to a family subscription, see our tutorial on changing your CrashPlan for Home subscription
    • When there is a CrashPlan for Home update, the software automatically updates on all the computers included on your subscription

    Before You Begin

    Install CrashPlan on one of your computers and create your CrashPlan account. You can set up your account before purchasing your subscription. When you purchase your subscription, be sure to use the same email address used to create your first account.

    Step 1: Apply Your Subscription Key To The First Computer

    1. Go to the CrashPlan Store.
    2. Choose the length of time you'd like for your family plan.

    Choose Family Plan

    1. Check out to complete your purchase.
      Important: If you have an existing CrashPlan account, use the same email you use for your existing account when checking out.
    2. Open the CrashPlan app and go to Settings > Account

    Apply Subscription

    1. Under License, verify that the 16-character key from your email receipt is applied.
      If you purchased your subscription with the same email as the one used for your account, your license key should be automatically applied. If not, paste that key into the four fields and click Save.
    2. Click Save.

    Step 2: Set Up Additional Computers

    Follow these steps on each of the other computers in your family that you want backing up under your account.

    1. Download and install the CrashPlan app
    2. On the Activation page, select Existing Account
    3. Enter the login information that you entered on your first computer above
    4. Click Sign In
      The license key for your account should be automatically applied
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