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    User Permissions Requirements (Windows)

    Applies to:
    • CrashPlan for Home
    • CrashPlan PRO
    • CrashPlan PROe


    In Windows, CrashPlan relies on the system user's read/write permissions to access your files. However, there are some files or directories the system user may not have permissions to access. Alternatively, your organization's systems administrator may have removed the system user from the permissions list.

    If you need to back up these files or directories, then follow this tutorial to re-add the system user to the permissions list. 


    The CrashPlan app on Windows computers


    • The system user on Windows computers has admin-level access to most files, but by default can not be logged in to like a normal user. This means that CrashPlan can use the system user to access sensitive files that are typically inaccessible to a logged-in user.
    • The system user is on most Windows computers by default.
    • After you update your permissions, you can tell CrashPlan to verify your file selection "now" and re-scan to back up the files.

    Recommended Solution

    How To Add SYSTEM Permissions

    1. Right-click the file or directory that needs the SYSTEM user added and select Properties



    1. Select the Security tab and click Edit

    Security Properties

    1. Click Add

    Add Permissions

    1. Type SYSTEM into the box and click OK

    Enter SYSTEM User

    1. Click Apply and OK

    After you update your permissions, you can tell CrashPlan to verify your file selection "now" and re-scan to back up the files.

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