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Best Practices For Improving CrashPlan Cache Performance

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan PRO
  • CrashPlan PROe


CrashPlan stores a cache of temporary information on your computer, including information about your backup destinations, the data you have on your computer, and a number of settings that help CrashPlan run efficiently. To prevent your cache from becoming too large or to troubleshoot a large cache, we recommend updating your file selection and retention settings as described in this article. 


A large cache might cause problems when you attempt to restore files from a friend's computerfrom the web, or as part of the process for adopting another computer

Recommended Solution

Code42 strongly recommends taking the following steps to prevent your cache from becoming too large or to troubleshoot a large cache:

  • Review and update your file selection. Consider removing unnecessary system and application files from your file selection. Usually, these types of files are updated very frequently and including them in your file selection can often result in a large cache. See What Should You Back Up for more information.
  • Update your retention settings from Settings > Backup to back up files or versions less frequently. See Specifying Version Settings for more information.  
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