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    Gift Subscriptions

    Applies to:
    • CrashPlan for Home


    Be a Backup Hero to your friends and family by giving the gift of a worry-free digital life! CrashPlan for Home gift subscriptions are perfect for students, busy parents, helpful neighbors or anyone special who deserves the piece of mind provided by CrashPlan's award-winning comprehensive and secure backup solution.


    • Gift subscriptions are available exclusively for new CrashPlan for Home subscribers.
    • People using CrashPlan for Home without a subscription or using the 30-day trial can receive gift subscriptions.
    • You cannot extend an existing subscription with a gift subscription.
    • Gift subscriptions start on the date of purchase and the recipient will be notified of the gift at the time of purchase.

    Buying A Gift Subscription For A New Customer

    1. Visit the gift subscription section of our online store.
    2. Choose an individual or family CrashPlan for Home subscription.
    3. Complete the payment form.
      • Enter your email address so that we can send you a receipt.
    4. Enter the gift recipient's email address
      • We will use this email address to send a gift notification with the license key to the recipient.
    5. Enter a personalized message to the recipient (optional).  This text will be included in the gift notification email.
    6. Click Continue to confirm your order and complete the order process.
    7. You will receive an email receipt for your purchase of the gift subscription and the recipient will receive a gift notification email including your personalized message, the license key, and instructions for getting started with CrashPlan.

    Redeeming A Gift Subscription

    If you received a CrashPlan gift subscription, you can redeem it by applying the license key included in your gift receipt email to the CrashPlan app:

    Your license key is located at the bottom of the gift receipt email. 

    Gift Subscription FAQs

    Can I buy a gift subscription for someone else if I am already a CrashPlan for Home subscriber?

    Yes. You can buy a gift subscription for anyone who does not yet have a CrashPlan for Home subscription.

    Can I buy a gift subscription if I am not a CrashPlan for Home subscriber?

    Yes, anyone can purchase a gift subscription.  You do not need to have a CrashPlan subscription yourself in order to purchase one as a gift.

    Can I give a gift subscription to someone already using CrashPlan?

    CrashPlan Free users or people who are not already CrashPlan for Home subscribers can receive a gift subscription. Users still in their 30-day free trial can also receive a gift subscription.

    Existing CrashPlan for Home subscribers cannot receive gift subscriptions.

    Do I need to know what type of computer the recipient has before purchasing a gift subscription?

    No, CrashPlan works on all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris).  The recipient simply selects the appropriate operating system before downloading CrashPlan.

    Will the gift subscription recipient be notified when the gift subscription is purchased?

    Yes. CrashPlan will notify the gift subscription recipient as soon as you complete the order.

    We also send you (the purchaser) a receipt for the purchase.

    When do gift subscriptions begin?

    All gift subscriptions begin the day of purchase.

    How does the recipient start using a gift subscription?
    Will the gift recipient be notified before the gift subscription expires?

    Yes. We will notify the gift recipient and offer the option to renew.

    Do gift subscriptions renew automatically?

    When you purchase the gift subscription, you have the option to enable auto-renew on the Checkout page.  If auto-renew is selected, the subscription will be renewed automatically once the recipient provides payment information (we'll contact the recipient about this).

    If auto-renew is not selected, we will still remind the recipient before the subscription expires and provide an option to renew.  Either way, the recipient is responsible for the cost of extending the subscription.  Nothing additional will be charged to you (the original purchaser).

    Can I buy more than one gift subscription?

    You can only buy one gift subscription per purchase. If you would like to give gift subscriptions to multiple people, you must complete the purchase process separately for each gift subscription.

    What if the recipient doesn't like the gift subscription?

    The recipient can cancel the gift subscription by signing in to the My Account page and you (the purchaser) will be credited for any full months remaining on the subscription.

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