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    CrashPlan PROe Architectures

    Applies to:
    • CrashPlan PROe


    CrashPlan PROe provides a flexible architecture which is able to meet the needs of any enterprise. This article details the various architecture options for CrashPlan PROe.


    • IT infrastructure
    • Security requirements
    • Service Level Agreement
    • Legal or regulatory requirements

    Architectures Defined

    CrashPlan PROe offers three main architecture options: Public Cloud, Private Cloud (including Managed Private Cloud deployments), and Hybrid Cloud deployments.

    Public Cloud

    The Public Cloud option backs up data to one of several secured Code42 data centers. Your data remains protected by CrashPlan PROe's multi-layered security protocols.

    Ideal for:

    • Organizations wanting to empower end users
    • Organizations that don't want to manage their own data center(s)
    • Global organizations lacking data centers in certain regions
    • Organizations whose corporate IT strategy mandates it

    Key Benefits:

    • Back up instantly
    • Unlimited--really unlimited--storage of data / file types / metadata
    • Sign in, authenticate, and restore from anywhere
    • Requires zero infrastructure
    • Offsite data storage provides an instant disaster recovery strategy
    • Acts as an operating expense instead of capital expenditure
    • Take your data to a private cloud at any time

    Private Cloud

    The Managed Private Cloud option backs up data to your organization's own data center. Managed Private Cloud deployments offer the same industry-leading support from Code42 as public cloud deployments.

    Ideal for:

    • Larger organizations with existing, internal data center infrastructure
    • Organizations requiring total control over their data
    • Organizations whose corporate IT strategy mandates it

    Key Benefits:

    • The ultimate in data security
    • All data, encryption keys, and backup and restore transmissions are kept within your secure network
    • Improved control over network performance and quality of service
    • 24/7 monitoring and support by Code42

    Hybrid Cloud

    The Hybrid Cloud option allows you to back up data both internally and externally, combining the public and private cloud options.

    Ideal for:

    • Organizations whose disaster recovery strategy requires both onsite and offsite data backup
    • Organizations that want to use public cloud, yet control the encryption keys
    • Global organizations lacking data centers in certain regions
    • Organizations needing more flexibility around enterprise directory services integration
    • Organizations whose corporate IT strategy mandates it

    Key Benefits:

    • All the benefits of both public and Managed Private Cloud
    • Assured data continuity via multi-destination backup strategy
    • Offsite data storage provides an instant disaster recovery strategy
    • Easy separation of different classes of data


    Case Study 1

    • Growing Startup
    • Approximate number of users: 150
    • Small office with some remote workers
    • Very little IT infrastructure or IT staff

    Recommendation: Public Cloud. This is by far the easiest way to get workers backing up immediately and with very few IT staff. The Public Cloud allows all workers to back up and restore from anywhere.Case Study 1 Diagram

    Case Study 2

    • Advertising agency
    • Approximate number of users: 550
    • Offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City
    • Serves high-profile clients

    Recommendation: Managed Private Cloud. It is critical to the business that its sensitive intellectual property is tightly controlled and protected, especially from theft or breach, and the Managed Private Cloud ensures that data is stored securely on the internal network. The IT department in New York is able to manage the agency's internal backups for all three offices.Case Study 2 Diagram

    Case Study 3

    • Fast-moving global company
    • Approximate number of users: 23,000
    • Data centers in US, Europe
    • No data center in the high-growth Asia Pacific region

    Recommendation: Hybrid Cloud. While most users can back up to data centers on the same continent, users in the growing Asia Pacific region cannot. Backups and especially restores from across the ocean would be painfully slow. The Hybrid Cloud deployment allows US and European users access to an internal data center, while Asia Pacific users can back up to Code42's regional data center immediately.Case Study 3 Diagram

    More Information

    Please contact Sales to discuss which option is right for your organization.

    You may also be interested in our enterprise overview of Cloud Deployment Strategies.

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