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    Account Information Overview & Settings

    Applies to:
    • CrashPlan PRO
    • CrashPlan PROe


    The Account Information page provides a quick way to purchase a subscription plan or change your current one. It also displays details about your subscription (including the expiration or renewal date), the number of active devices, and the amount of data being protected.

    Summit Partner Program

    Agents in the Summit Partner Program can view and manage account and billing information from the Account screen.

    Account Information

    Account Reference Guide

    Item Description
    a –     Type of plan and expiration date.
    b Change Plan
    CrashPlan PRO only
    Displays the Store page where you can change your CrashPlan PRO plan.
    c Activate Subscription Key
    CrashPlan PRO only
    Displays the form where you enter your subscription key. This is the key in the receipt emailed to you when you purchased your plan.
    d Devices Total number of computers your company is backing up.
    e Storing The greater of either:
    • the cumulative total of what has been backed up
    • the amount selected for backup.
    f Edit...  Displays the Store page where you can edit your billing information.
    g Billing History Displays all previous orders. Click anywhere within an order row to view the Order Detail.
    h Action menu
    CrashPlan PRO and certain CrashPlan PROe setups only

    Displays actions you can perform, including:

    • Change your plan
    • Cancel your subscription
    • Activate a new subscription
    • Edit your billing information


    Edit Billing Information

    Order Detail

    Order Detail

    Item Description
    a Action Menu Menu of available commands
    b Billing Address The billing address used for this purchase
    c Order Details The order date, order number, and the billed credit card's last 4 digits and expiration date
    d Description Item type and registration key
    e Price Price of the displayed line item
    f Qty Item quantity
    g Subtotal Line item subtotal
    h Shipping Shipping fees
    i Tax Sales tax
    j Total Order total cost

    Order Detail Action Menu

    Command Description
    Print Generates a printer-friendly version of the order receipt and opens your computer's print window
    Email Email a copy of the receipt to any email address you choose. You may also enter a comment for the recipient (optional).

    Account Action Menu

    Command Description
    Change Plan Modify your subscription
    Cancel Subscription Cancel an existing subscription
    Activate New Subscription Enter a new subscription
    Edit Billing Information Update your billing information
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